Elena García, fotografía documental y artística

Unlike other artists, I cannot say that as a child I was given a camera and then I discovered my passion for photography, but I did discover that I wanted to explore the world and have a different life.

It was at my 30 years when I lived and traveled in Australia when I experienced what it was like to spend my day to day with a camera attached to me and then I was clear that I would be a photographer.

When I returned to Bilbao, I did some courses and then began my journey that has led me to photograph celebrities, models, everyday people, and in my last project, a San Bushmen community with whom I lived for 3 months.

I have lived in 6 countries, traveled by many others, I have published in magazines and I usually sell photos online.

It fascinates me to observe faces, the emotions they express and to provoke those standing in front of my camera to  rediscover themselves. I am my photography at 'dignifying' people and transforming the vision of those observing. That's my style.